Anchor uses the concept of a organisation to group a set of resources, such as customers, products and accounts. An organisation is typically your business as a whole.

Your API credentials is linked to only one organisation.

Root Customer

Root customer is a special type of customer that represents your organisation. A root customer have special properties - such as the ability to be parents of special account types. Accounts under a root customer hold your company's money.

Only one root customer is allowed per organisation. Root customer will automatically be created for you in live environment when live access is enabled.

Root Accounts

Root accounts are special purpose accounts whose parent is a Root Customer, that Anchor sets up to support your activities. Unlike deposit accounts, root accounts exist on the org level and are not under your customers. Since the accounts have a special purpose, they only support specific functions that are relevant to their use case. The funds in these account are directly owned by your business.

When you activate your business, three important root accounts will be created automatically based on your use case.

  • Master account: this account is designed to be your main business account on Anchor and will be automatically debited by Anchor for a range of situations, including disputes and fees.

  • Revenue account: this account is designed to be automatically credit by Anchor with your org’s interchange, interest and payment revenues.

  • Settlement account: this account is designed to be used for disbursements and payment collection.