Sub ledger accounts (or Sub-Accounts) are separate accounts you can open under your main organization (FBO) account. It helps you to manage your finances. Once your main FBO account has been created, you can set up additional sub-accounts, and start processing payments.

Sub-ledger accounts are not financial products hence do not hold money. Money sent to a sub account settles in the parent account which is the organization (FBO) deposit account. You can create as many sub-accounts as you may require for an Individual customer or business customer.

It is important to note that transaction limits collectively apply to the parent account (settlement account) of the sub-accounts. So if a parent account (FBO) has daily outward transfer limit of one million naira, it means all the sub-accounts under this parent account collectively cannot exceed the 1 million naira of outward transfer limit per day.

You may have a requirement to separate how funds flow within your organization or app, for example, money movement within different sections or departments of your product offering. Sub accounts provide a unique way to keep these funds separate.

Transaction Limits of Sub-ledger Accounts

Sub-ledger accounts collectively inherit the limit on their parent account. The parent account for sub-accounts in this case is the organization FBO account.


  • There are no tiers/levels for sub accounts. This is because there is no KYC done on sub-ledger accounts. It inherits the KYC of the parent account.
  • There is no limit to inflow.
  • For outflow, FBO account can send up-to 50 million naira per transaction, and 100 million naira per day. (This means that a single sub-account can use up the limit on this FBO account.