Going Live

This page provides details about steps you must take to get a live Anchor environment enabled (and start moving real money).


Welcome to the Go-Live Guide, your comprehensive resource for seamlessly transitioning your organization to a live environment on Anchor, and initiating real-money movement and transactions using our APIs. Below, we'll walk you through the essential steps to ensure a successful launch.

1. Complete Your Integration

Before you can go live with our platform, it's crucial that your integration with our APIs is complete. This involves integrating your system with our services and thoroughly testing the functionality in sandbox. Please click here to request access to our sandbox.

Key Points:

  • Sign in on Anchor and get access to the dashboard
  • Create API keys for sandbox/test environment
  • Explore APIs and complete integration
  • Join our slack channel for real time support

2. SLA Execution

Once your integration is successfully completed, we will provide you with our Service Level Agreement (SLA) for execution. Your team will need to carefully review and sign this agreement. Our legal team will countersign on this agreement too, setting the stage for a clear understanding of our mutual responsibilities.

Key Points:

  • Complete questionnaire
  • Execute Service Level Agreement

3. Schedule Pre-Go-Live Call

Prior to the official go-live, we will schedule a pre-go-live call session with your team. The pre-go-live call will be conducted via video call session, and you'll be required to demo your solution. Also, it's important that one of the business founders is present on the call. During this call, we will cover these critical aspects:

a. Use Case Assessment

We'll delve into your specific use case to ensure that our platform is configured to meet your unique requirements effectively. This will also guide on the accounts that will be created for your organization in Live environment.

b. Solution Demo

You'll have the opportunity to provide a demo of your solution. This enables us to validate that your system functions as specified.

c. Billing Configuration

Billing is a crucial part of your integration. You can configure the fees to be charged to your organization master account or passed on to customers. We'll go over your billing configuration to ensure accurate financial transactions.

d. Compliance Review

We'll discuss compliance requirements to ensure that your operations align with regulatory standards.


Depending on your intended use case, we may require additional information about your business. These details are essential for a smooth transition to a live environment.

Key Points:

  • Describe your application use cases and how you intend to use Anchor
  • Show how your application works for your customers
  • Describe how your charges will be configured
  • Complete any pending KYB requirement

4. KYC Approval and Going Live

Following the pre-go-live call, your Know-Your-Customer (KYC) documents will be reviewed and approved. Once this step is complete, we'll move your organization to live, allowing you to initiate real-money transactions.


After moving your account to the Live Environment, a root account known as the Master Account will be automatically created for you. If your billing is configured to charge your master account, it is recommended to keep your master account funded at all times. This ensures that transactions requiring transaction fees are settled in real time, minimizing any delays or disruptions.

With these steps successfully completed, you'll be well-prepared to go live and begin processing real-money transactions with confidence.


We create some root accounts based on the organization's use case.

How long does it take to go-live on Anchor?

It varies. We have seen organisations go live in 24hours after their integration. However, when there are documents to be provided depending on the business registration, this might take days to for the completion of this process.

Key Points:

  • Get access to transact with real money
  • Create live API keys