Fetch Deposit Account Balance

You can fetch the balance of a deposit account by making a GET request to endpoint {{baseUrl}}/api/v1/accounts/balance/{accountId}

Endpoint Url{{baseUrl}}/api/v1/accounts/balance/{accountId}

Sample request payload to Fetch Balance of a Deposit Account and 200 OK response are given below:

curl --request GET \
     --url https://api.getanchor.co/api/v1/accounts/balance/16968636973470-anc_acc \
     --header 'accept: application/json' \
     --header 'x-anchor-key: <API Key>'

Sample 200 OK Response

  "data": {
    "availableBalance": 1000,
    "ledgerBalance": 1000,
    "hold": 0,
    "pending": 0
availableBalanceThe amount of money that is immediately available to the account holder to transact with.
ledgerBalanceThe total amount of money in the account, including any pending transactions that have not yet been settled and amount on hold.
holdHold happens for outgoing transfer. The amount of money that is currently being processed for an outgoing transaction.
pendingPending is an incoming transfer that hasn't settled. The amount of inflow that is currently processing and will not be available until the transaction is settled.